Episode 233: Go With the Flow

Mark Ratterman attended the final roll out of Orbiter Vehicle 103, known as the Space Shuttle Discoveryin preparation for the launch of Space Transportation System Mission Number 133 and describes his experiences while at the Kennedy Space Center. He also had the opportunity to speak with Stephanie Stilson, NASA Flow Director overseeing Discovery’s processing operations, a duty she has had since December 2000. Mark also attended the arrival of Space Shuttle External Tank Number 122 and helps to tell it’s interesting story. Other items discussed include the change of command on board the International Space Sation (ISS), The return home of Expedition 24JAXA having issues selling experiment space on the ISS KIBO module on board the ISS, ESA and SpaceX announcing delays, TheMars Reconnaissance Orbiter taking a breif nap, and the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity turning into a Meteorite Hunter!

Host this week: Gene Mikulka Panel Member: Mark Ratterman.

Links: Ms. Stephanie Stilson's Official NASA Biography: 

STS 133 Photo Gallery 

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity's Meteorite Gallery via The Road to Endeavor Blog

Artwork on External Tank Number 122 Photo: NASA

Photo of External Tank Number 122 at the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center Photo: NASA









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