Episode 239: All I Want for Christmas is my Two SRBs to Ignite

First, I'd like to extend a special thank you to Gene Mikulka for performing the editing. On this episode, we discuss the never-ending delays of the space shuttle Discovery. Stay tuned to our STS-133 Live Launch Coverage page to find out all of the latest information on the launch. We then continue to discuss the recently released Inspector General reports released by NASA. We then discuss some posts made by Wayne Hale on his blog, as well as the recent launches of the Minitaur IV nd the Delta IV rockets. Lastly, we discuss Gina's amazing time at the Astronaut Hall of Fame and their annual Autograph Show benefiting the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. 

To visit Wayne Hale's Blog, please visit: http://waynehale.wordpress.com/

To learn more about and to help out the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, please visit:http://www.astronautscholarship.org

Here is a video describing FASTSAT as mentioned in the show (You must have flash player, which is available for download for free at http://adobe.com/flashplayer

Host this week: Gene Mikulka. Panel Members: Gina Herlihy and Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded - 11/21/2010

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