Episode 240: We're #1...Well, NASA Is

On this episode, we start by discussing the new launch date and time for Discovery. As well, we predict whether or not the shuttle will launch in December or during its next launch attempt, in February. We then move on to discussing the Expedition 25 mission aboard the International Space Station after landing in the high deserts of Kazakhstan. We then move on to talk about NASA's new position as first in social media. We then discuss astronaut Leland Melvin who has a new position at NASA in the education department. Gene and Sawyer had a chance to interview him, and you'll hear clips from the interview. Lastly, we discuss Sawyer's trip to Meteor Crater as well as a tribute to Leslie Nielsen.

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Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gene Mikulka and Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded - 11/28/2010

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