Episode 319:3+1=WOW

On this episode of Talking Space, Mark Ratterman interviews:

3 NASA Astronauts + 1 NASA JSC Scientist. Interviews were on  April 27th and 29th, 2011 prior to the launch attempt for STS-134 on April 29th. Interviews were at the NASA KSC Press Site. Gene Mikulka contributed most of the questions Mark asked the Astronauts, Mark also ad-libbed a few during the recorded conversations. Thank you Gene, great job!

A sincere Thank You to NASA, the KSC Media Services Staff and our Guests:
NASA Astronaut - Dr. Michael Barratt - ISS Expedition 19/20 via Soyuz TMA-14, STS-133
NASA Astronaut - Steven Swanson - STS-117, STS-119
NASA Astronaut - Dr. Michael Foale - STS-45, STS-63, MIR 23 via STS-84/STS-86, STS-103, ISS Expedition 8 via Soyuz TMA-3
NASA JSC ISS Associate Program Scientist - Dr. Tara Ruttley

Sit back, listen, enjoy, then a pop quiz - Does 3 + 1 = WOW?

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