Episode 441: Trefft unsere Freunde aus Deutschland

"Trefft unsere Freunde aus Deutschland" Translation - Meet our friends from Germany

This special episode covers some personal stories about NASA and the shuttle program. In particular, you get to meet my friends from Germany and listen as they tell some stories of travel and share their special memories about "our" shuttles. It is a pleasure to introduce Kalus Krueger from Hamburg, Germany and Alex von Eckartsberg from Frankfurt, Germany. We talk about launches and the transition/retirement of the orbiters. They made many trips for many years. Would you and I be as willing to commit that much time and money to see those inspiring spacecraft? I think you'll enjoy hearing them each talk about years of interest in the US Space Shuttle Program, not just at the end of the program, when much of the US started to pay attention again.

Please share with us one of your special moments from the world of spaceflight and space exploration.

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First up I'll be talking with Klaus and then Alex.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this special show from the 3 of us to all of you. -Mark

Show Recorded - 11/13, 11/16, and 11/23/2012

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