Episode 522: Stories Launched Straight from the Pad

On this special episode of Talking Space, Mark Ratterman interviews Andy Scheer, a spacetweep from Merrit Island, FL also known as @apacheman Andy is husband to Jen Scheer @flyingjenny and father to their new baby, Fara. Starting in July 2000 Andy worked at Kennedy Space Center Pads 39B and 39A. He was part of the PRSD Power Reactant Storage and Distribution Shop team working on Orbiter Fuel Cell Systems and ground support equipment at the launch pad. We talk about the shuttle days plus his earlier work with the US Army, Cessna Aircraft Company and current employment with SpaceX at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Also Andy tells us his thoughts and some tips about the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex “Atlantis Exhibit”. 

Since no meetup would be complete without fun with fellow spacetweeps we talk about the Endless BBQ.

Host this week: Mark Ratterman with a segment by Sawyer Rosenstein. Special Guest: Andy Scheer

Show Recorded 07/6/2013

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