Welcome to Talking Space's New Blog!

Welcome to the Talking Space web site and blog we appreciate you coming by to see what we’re all about.  

So just what is Talking Space? 

The Talking Space podcast was born on 24 July of 2009 a few days after NASA had conducted the STS-125 TweetUp event at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. After the event was over a group of attendees and other like minded people got together and wondered what else we can do to help support our space program. I had the idea for a space related podcast locked in my head for six years but I just did not have the resources to do it the way it deserved to be done. It finally seemed to be the right time to present this notion to a group of people that may wish to help get the word out on space exploration and debate the issues that face humanity’s reach for the stars.  

The idea was to have a program that would not just report space news and interview the movers and shakers in the space business, but also offer opinion and editorial on the headlines and give our listeners their own chance to give their opinion on the space related events of the day.  

So after a call for volunteers was placed on the Space Tweep Society web site (I still consider the STwS to be the show’s midwife) three extraordinary talented individuals, Mark Ratterman, Sawyer Rosenstein and later Gina Herlihy stepped forward and took on the challenge of putting the vision for the show together. We recorded or first show on 6 September, 2009 and thanks to you, our listeners and supporters, the podcast has exceeded our wildest expectations. I continue to be humbled by the way Talking Space has been received thus far. 

But even a one hour podcast sometimes isn’t enough. Gina, Sawyer, Mark and myself always have space related stories we want to tell and opinions we all want to voice and thus the reason for the Talking Space Blog.  

In the blog, each member of the Talking Space Team will include material and opinions that we did not have a chance to discuss on the show due to time constrains. There are only so many news stories we can cram into the podcasts one hour format. Stories that we really wish we could discuss sometimes have to fall by the wayside. Also there may be insights about events that happen during the week that we wish to share with you immediately and not wait until it’s time to record our show. One of us also may be attending a space, or an astronomy related event and we may want to share some observations with you while those moments are still fresh in our minds. 

We’ll also use this area to announce special Talking Space related events that you, our listeners, can participate in.

We hope that the blog and the show will complement each other and act as a conduit for sharing ideas and information on spaceflight. If you want to ask a question or leave feedback for us, browse over to our "Contact Us" page and let us know how we’re doing. We will use the commentary either here on the blog or on the podcast. If you wish send a short MP3 file (under a minute) with a comment or question and we’ll play and respond to it on the show. 

Once more I wish to publicly thank three people who stepped up to the plate in August and September of 2009 and helped get the Talking Space Vision off the ground and who continue to share their talents and abilities. Thank you Gina, Mark & Sawyer for your ideas,your guidance and contributions to the show. Above all thank you for your friendship You all make an incredible team and I can’t do this without you all. 

Kudos also to everyone, known and unknown, who has ever offered advice during the shows embryonic days. Your advice has not gone un appreciated or has not fallen on deaf ears.  

Finally a huge thank you goes to you: our listeners and supporters. Above all the show is for you, those of you who care about humanity’s reach into space. Talking Space would not be here if it weren’t for your encouragement, ideas, and support Thank you for your continued support of YOUR space program and of Talking Space.  

Gene Mikulka