Where Have You Been All My Life?

- From Kennedy Space Center

When I had told a dear friend that I was going to be at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for the final launch of the Space Shuttle Program, she had recommended that I make an effort to  “create a memory” for the occasion. So this morning, I went for a short walk around the press site, near the iconic countdown clock  to see If I could do just that.

I succeeded. 

One bittersweet the other left me scratching my head.  

A few minutes after I arrived and took my place at the KSC Press Site, I looked out to take a moment to look at Atlantis standing at Launch Complex 39A. I paused to look at this icon of American spaceflight for the past 30 years illuminated by Xenon lights, standing tall and proud for the final time.  This was indeed a moment in history and I wanted to sear this moment into my brain forever.

I then took a look at the phalanx of media vehicles adorned with satellite dishes of various shapes and sizes. Along side of the media center are tents and platforms from ever possible mainstream media outlet here to see Atlantis fly one last time, all jockeying for the best possible position to view the final ascent of Atlantis.

It’s tremendous and it’s good to see such interest in OUR space program and the Space Transportation System that has served our nation well over thirty years. 

To the mainstream media, thank you for your interest in NASA and for deciding that STS 135 merited more attention. However I have one question for you all: 

Where were you for STS 60 or STS 129?

The fact of the matter is that all Shuttle missions deserved this kind of attention. Each one carried the same risks and dangers. The all pushed the edge of the technological envelope, and deserved the same attention that STS 135 is receiving. 

Thank you for noticing the importance of OUR human space flight program..a bit too late.