Episode 221: Space Your Face

On this episode, we are once again joined by guest panelist @CraftLass. We talk about a large amount of topics. We discuss the Hayabusa's return from hopefully getting a piece of an asteroid. We then discuss the Mars 500 experiment. We also answer two questions from our mailbag, and a thanks to @QuantumG and @racshot653 for the questions. Keep them coming! After that we talk about Expedition 24, an interesting editorial from MSNBC, and relatively breaking news of President Obama's plan to take $100 million out of NASA's budget to put towards jobs for those who will be losing theres on the space coast. We end with a discussion of a mystery on board Atlantis, a chance to send your face into space, and a brand new exhibit opened at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum honoring the crew of Apollo 1 called "27 Seconds".

To see the video blog for day 1 for the Mars 500, you can check it out here on YouTube. You can also follow Diego Urbina on Twitter at @diegou.

You can see that the Falcon 9 launched at T-0 here on YouTube, the roll of the vehicle at launch here on YouTube, and the UFO "sighting" in Australia here on YouTube.

The op-ed article written by James Oberg can be read here on MSNBC

To send your "Face in Space", you can visit http://faceinspace.nasa.gov/

As well, here is the surprise which was left by the STS-132 crew aboard locker A-16 on Atlantis:

A surprise was left aboard Atlantis by the STS-132 crew saying "The first, last flight of Atlantis left Earth on 14 May 2010 from Pad 39A

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gene Mikulka, Mark Ratterman, and special guest panelist CraftLass

Show Recorded - 6/18/2010

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