Episode 230: Happy Birthday Talking Space!

Are you 1...STOP! This episode, our 43rd episode ever, the 30th of this season, marks the one year anniversary of the Talking Space Podcast. On our birthday episode, we discuss how NASA's sending drones to spy on hurricanes, as well as the processing of Discovery. We then go on to discuss a possible crew announcement for 135, and then how the Russians are unhappy aboard the ISS with their lack of a shower.

We then discuss the DM2 motor test, and Mark compares it to the Challenger accident with some surprising facts you might not have known! Lastly, we discuss NASA's new solar probe, how Denmark is planning to launch a rocket, and we then discuss our thoughts on Talking Space's 1st birthday. To add to the nostalgia, Gene regains the hosting seat as he had for the first episode we ever did released on 09/09/09.

Host this week: Gene Mikulka. Panel Members: Gina Herlihy, Mark Ratterman, and Sawyer Rosenstein

Show Recorded - 9/6/2010

Listen now: