On this episode, we talk about AMS-02. We discuss the history, cost, some basics of the instrument and how it is installed and activated. We include audio from several NASA Briefings on AMS-02 from the following:

Prof Samuel Ting, AMS Principal Investigator from MIT

Trent Martin, NASA AMS Program Manager from JSC

Mark Kelly, Commander of STS-134

Our own Talking Space - Mark Ratterman brings first hand information from three NASA media events at KSC and an up close picture of AMS in the Space Station Processing Facility

 AMS-02 at Kennedy Space Center Space Station Processing Facility/Credit:Mark Ratterman 03-10-2011AMS-01 in STS-91 Discovery payload bay/Courtesy NASADiscoveries in Physics










AMS-02 the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer has been dubbed the Hubble Telescope of cosmic rays

For further information check out: http://www.ams02.org/ and http://ams.nasa.gov/

For the AMS02 Briefing Materials: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/shuttlemissions/sts134/news/ams02_032411.html

For video of the AMS-02 Briefing at JSC http://youtu.be/MxPnAMLDmKY

Hosts this week: Gene Mikulka and Mark Ratterman
Show Recorded - 04/21/2011

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