Episode 338: Talking Space is "2" Infinity and Beyond

On this episode, we discuss the safe return of the Expedition 28 crew after their 6 month stay aboard the International Space Station. In doing so, we discuss the Soyuz and Progress 44 failure and the impact it will have on the ISS in the near future. We then get into a large discussion about the official announcement and presentation of NASA's new vehicle to carry humans beyond Low Earth Orbit, and that is the Space Launch System (SLS) scheduled for completion in 2017. We discuss the composition of the vehicle as well as the actual announcement itself. We then discuss our opinions on the vehicle and if we think it's going to fly. We them move on to ATK's new commercial rocket as well as an update on the UARS satellite scheduled to make a fiery return to Earth sometime this week. We then mention a discovery by the spacecraft Keppler of a Tatooine-type planet from Star Wars. Lastly, we mention that last week our show celebrated its 2 year anniversary and we reflect on where we've come, who's helped us, and where we're going next.

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An artist's conception of the Space Launch System at Launch Pad 39. Credit: NASA

An artist's concept of the Space Launch System lifting off from the launch pad

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gene Mikulka and Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded - 9/18/2011

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