Episode 340: 100 Years in 1 Hour

On this episode of Talking Space, Mark discusses his amazing visit to the 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium (100 YSS) held in Orlando, Florida. He discusses the multiple tracks you could take as well as some of the lectures he heard ranging from algae farming to a panel of science fiction writers to creating aliens. We then move on to the successful launch of China's Tiangong-1, a space lab, as well as a minor mishap that occured on a video which China released. We then move on to an announcement by SpaceX's Elon Musk about the reusability of the Falcon rocket as demonstrated in the video released by the company, available on our website / (below). Lastly, we discuss an announcement regarding the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum moving the planned location for the space shuttle Enterprise and discuss a bill proposed to remove the shuttle from New York and deliver one to Texas. 

To learn more about the 100 Year Star Ship Symposium, please visit: http://100yss.org

This was the video released by SpaceX and is property of SpaceX. Note: Talking Space does not own this clip.

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gina Herlihy, Gene Mikulka and Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded - 10/2/2011

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