Episode 415: What's 'Mine' is 'Ores' in Space

On this episode of Talking Space, we discuss the reasons for another delay of the SpaceX launch to the International Space Station, now scheduled for May 19th. We then discuss the upcoming Soyuz launch carrying 3 new crew members to the ISS. After discussing a recent Atlas V launch, we talk about Planetary Resources, a company with some big-name backers who are planning to mine Near Earth Asteroids, or NEAs. We talk about our thoughts on the success and benefits of the new program. Following that, we discuss a company's plan to create scotch in space. We then discuss a very unique blog post on the late astronaut Janet Voss. Finally, we continue our space shuttle retirement coverage with an interview with a member of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft crew.

To read the blog post on Janet Voss, visithttp://wiki.nasa.gov/cm/blog/ISS%20Science%20Blog/posts/post_1328802418652.html

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Mark Ratterman and special guest Craft Lass.

Show Recorded - 5/7/2012

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