Episode 501: Five Times the Science

On the first episode of 2013 and our 5th season of shows, we welcome back for the 5th time the Associate Program Scientist for the International Space Station and friend of the show Dr. Tara Ruttley. We discuss many experiments you might not have heard of currently going on aboard the International Space Station and some results of experiments we've discussed before. We talk about the connection between the Curiosity rover on Mars and ISS science. We discuss the science returned by Dragon and if the freezer failure affected the science. We also discuss the upcoming year long flight to the station and the scientific benefits. We discuss the fate of the spiders from the YouTube SpaceUp contest which we supported. We get a follow up on a fire experiment that was recently performed and get some teasers of results to come. Lastly, we hear about Dr. Ruttley's favorite experiements.

For updates on the science going on aboard the station, visit http://www.nasa.gov/iss-science or follow them on Twitter: @ISS_Research

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Mark Ratterman and special guest Dr. Tara Ruttley

Show Recorded - 12/17/2012

Listen now: