Episode 518: Lots to See at SpaceFest V-Part 2

On part two of our two-part special on SpaceFest V, we invite attendee Libby Norcross to join us as we discuss the rest of the Sunday panels, which included the Mars and asteroid panels. Discussed are the benefits of going to Mars, robots vs. humans, and what the experts such as Emily Lakdawalla and Peter Smith think about the idea of commercial companies such as Mars One and Inspiration Mars. We then hear from the asteroid panel, which includes discussions on commercial mining, how much science that actually gives, and if we're blurring the line of science fiction and science fact too soon. You'll hear from experts such as Deep Space Industries' Rick Tumlinson and Geoff Notkin, Planetary Resources' Chris Lewicki, and planetary scientist Dan Durder.

For more on Libby, visit http://libbydoodle.com

As well, our thoughts go out to Gene Mikulka and his family as they deal with a difficult time.

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Libby Norcross, Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded 06/10/2013

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