STS-135 Pre-Mission L-2 Update

This blog is posted live from the Kennedy Space Center Press Site

The briefing has just concluded for an update on Atlantis at L-2 from Mike Moses, Mike Leinbach, and weather officer Kathy Winters. They are currently workng no issues for launch in terms of technical issues. The cause of the fuel valve failure, which was replaced weeks ago, is still unknown, but could be from contamination which was discovered inside the pipe. 

The only problem currently is weather. Weather for Kennedy was downgraded to 30% go. Below is the current radar picture.

The radar for Kennedy Space Center as of 12pm EDT on July 6th. Weather for Friday is 30% go. Credit: Gene Mikulka

From Left to Right, Mike Moses, Mike Leinbach, and Kathy Winters at the L-2 conference. Credit: Gene Mikulka

The constraints for launch include the lightning ground rule, flying through precipitation, which is a shuttle-specific constraint, as well as a possibility of storms within 20 Nautical Miles of the pad. However, the final decision won't be made until launch day. Weather does improve for Saturday and Sunday.

Gene will have an audio update coming up later this afternoon as well as on today's earlier science briefing while Sawyer is on a SpaceX Facilities tour.

Go Atlantis! Sawyer