Atlantis Update L-1

This blog is posted live from the Kennedy Space Center Press Site

So we arrived here for day 2 of Talking Space launch coverage. We will be joined later this afternoon by Gina Herlihy, marking the first time the four team members have ever been in the same place. 

It began with the news of some minor issues at the pad the previous night. There was a bad fire alarm which occured on the 115 foot level of the launch tower. It was deemed faulty and has since been replaced. There were also pad chillers which failed. There are three of them for redundancy and a fourth alternate backup system. The three chillers all failed. As of 10:30am EDT, two of the three are back online, which one is only needed for launch. Also, there were covers that are on the pad for before the shuttle lifts off which are sealed using a rubber sealant. Some of the covers were falling off, resulting in replacement of some of the covers.

The only major issue currently being worked is weather, which shuttle weather officer Kathy Winters had nothing better to report. We are currently 70% chance of KSC weather prohibiting launch for tomorrow, Friday. Saturday is 60% no-go, and Sunday is 40% no-go. However, if they fill the tank and scrub it after L-4 hours, it will most likely move launch to Sunday. After Sunday, there is a Delta IV launch for which Atlantis will stand down.  All abort sites, other than Kennedy, is go for launch.

The satellite view of the Cape as of 10:45am EDT on July 7th. Weather is 30% go

Hopefully we'll have better news tomorrow. Go Atlantis! Sawyer