Sign on the Surprised Line L-1

After our press conference, we were alerted to a press conference including some unknown member of the Commerical Crew Development designations by NASAA (CCDEV-2). We were treated to NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, KSC Director Bob Cabana, and Mark Sirangelo, the Executive Vice President of Sierra Nevada Corporation. They are designing the Dream Chaser, which will act similar to the shuttle except it will have no payload bay.

From Left to Right Charlie Bolden, Bob Cabana, and Mark Sirangelo after signing an agreement between Sierra Nevada Corp. and NASA

After signing the deal, they will attempt to work out of Florida with the aid of Kennedy Space Center and support from NASA. They also boasted the ability to return crew members back to earth in a recumbant position in case of illness or after a long-duration mission. 

Of course, the briefing wouldn't have been complete without a question regarding Texas not receiving a shuttle. He  essentially avoided the question. I, however, did have the privelidge of shaking his hand after the press conference. 

I will be out for Rotating Service Structure (RSS) Rollback if there is a clearing in the weather. We are in a Phase II lightning warning as of 12:45pm, and our press building has been rocked by thunder.

Don't worry, we're staying dry and updating, too. Go Atlantis! Sawyer