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2014-Season 6

Our guests for this episode Kathryn "Kat" Robison and our very own Kassy Tamanini (aka Craft Lass) took on the task of studying the impact of social media on space flight outreach and awareness. In an academic paper entitled "Hastags for Outreach", both had an opportunity to present their findings at the 2014 International Astronautical Congress held in Toronto, Ontario from 29 September  to 3 October. This installment explores the results of their combined research. Ms. Roberson is a graduate student and teaching assistant at Youngstown State University in Ohio,  Her main speciality is the impact of social media and how it is leveraged by various interest groups. Ms. Tamanini has distinguished herself not only as a talented singer/songwriter with her ground breaking 2009 single "Bake Sale for NASA"  but as a leader in innovative science outreach methods. Both are the masterminds behind the blog "Geek Girls Night Out" an online community for "female geeks both in and off line." 

Show recorded 10/13/2014

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On this episode of Talking Space, we look at two interesting events you can see with the naked eye, the Supermoon and the Perseid meteor shower. We talk about whether the supermoon is really that noticeable, or if we just make it seem bigger since we know it's supposed to be bigger. We then talk about three launches within one week, all from the same launch site in Florida. We also look at a fourth launch which was ESA's final ATV, and what this last resupply vehicle from Europe means for the future of the ISS. We then look at a flying saucer type device which NASA is studying for future use on Mars. Then, special guest Jason Rhian joins us for a summary of the 17th Annual International Mars Society Convention. Lastly, we look at a solar powered fridge.

Show recorded 08/11/2014

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On this episode of Talking Space, we continue our discussion of SpaceFest VI, which was held in May in Pasadena, California. We begin where we left off last episode, with a look at some of the talks and panels from this year's event. We look at ion engines, the Russian space program, comets and more, all of which were discussed at the event. We include a final recap of some more of our favorite moments, and discuss a trip to the Mount Wilson Observatory after the event. Finally, we wrap up with another space event that happened the week after SpaceFest, and that was the International Space Development Conference, or ISDC. Mark Ratterman joins us with a special interview with Azam Shaghaghi about the event.

Show recorded 06/06/2014

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